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Customer Preparation Checklist

After signing the agreed upon contract, here are some things you should consider in helping the above ground pool installation process along.        

1. Permits

You must apply for your permit through your county or township. Permits are a must for your pool installation. This is the homeowners responsibility. We’ve compiled a list of City Inspectors, listed by county for you.

2. Pool site

Determine where the pool site will be before the excavation and installation of your pool. You might want to keep in mind a few things: How much of the pool will be in the sun throughout the day (the more sun, the warmer the pool will get). Not putting it too close to big trees (trees roots grow out as far as their branches extend, and sometimes even further; you don’t want to end up with tree roots growing under your pool liner). Making sure you follow all codes and permits.

3. Call Diggers Hotline

Call Diggers Hotline at 1-800-242-8511. They will come out, for free, and mark your yard, ensuring there is no underground lines or wires.

4. Minimum 8′ opening

The pool installation will require the use of a bobcat or mini excavator. Both these machines need a 8′ clearance. The homeowner is responsible for making sure there is a 8′ entry way.

5. Pool staked / painted out

The pool must be staked out. A stake must be put in the center of the pool area. Some homeowners like to paint out the pool, This can be done as well.

6. Filter area marked out

Either paint a big X of where you’d like your filter to go, or put a steak here

7. Excavated dirt area marked out

Designate an area in the yard for waste materials from the ground leveling to be piled (dirt, roots, rock, grass etc.) Please have this area planned before we arrive.

8. Accessible power

Need access to a power source to use while installing your pool.

9. Pool

Make sure you have your pool delivered before the scheduled date for your installation. Also make sure the day of the installation the installers have access to the pool.

10. Water from Hose

We require two hoses to be ran back into the area by the pool to use setting the liner. After the liner is set with the hose water (roughly a few inches of water on surface of pool), the homeowner can coordinate water delivery to fill the rest of the way. Calculate the estimated gallons of water needed to fill your new pool! (Scroll down to see calculator.)