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When you initially call our office, please have the following information ready (if you are not sure, Pool Wizards can still help you out).


  • Name
  • Address
  • Where the pool is to be installed
  • Size of pool
  • Make & Model
  • Type of Liner
  • Which dealer your pool was purchased from

Available accessories (to be installed by us):

  • Happy bottom
  • Wall foam
  • Perfect bottom
  • Lights
  • Vermiculite bottoms
  • Decks
  • Pads
  • Pool outlining
  • PVC
  • Second skimmer
  • Main drains


An old pool and/or existing deck is considered a CUSTOM pool installation site

When replacing an existing pool that was attached to an old deck and/or wanting the new pool aligned within 4 inches or closer to that structure, there will be an additional charge for the custom installation. The NO charge area is at a minimum of 1′ away to allow installers access to walk around and work on the new pool being installed. NOTE: Not all pools will fit perfectly or exactly the same as the old pool. Pools vary in top rail sizes, up-right(leg) sizes, and sometimes are just engineered differently. 


Excavation costs depends on how off level your yard is. There is a base charge for excavation of 4″ of ground, and every inch there after subject to an additional charge. Excavation is needed to ensure the pool is perfectly level. When replacing an old pool that was 48″ tall and the new pool is 52″, 54″, 56″ tall and/or was buried and the ground needs to be excavated to match an old deck height, there will be an additional charge to excavate the pool location and make it a workable area.

Access to pool site

We need a 6′ opening for ground leveling equipment. If this is an issue or concern, please contact Pool Wizards and they may be able to help.


Included as part of our installation.


Enough water will be subcontracted by Pool Wizards to “set” the liner. This is paid for by the homeowner. In smaller pools we can use the customers hose to fill the pool. If you have questions or your own arrangements for water, please contact Pool Wizards in advance. PLEASE NOTE: We will need at least 12-24″ of water to set the liner and install the fittings for the skimmer and return.

City water tip to save money

If you are filling the pool with city water, call your water company and let them know that x amount of gallons will be used to fill a pool. In most cases they will discount your water bill by not adding on sewage since it is not considered waste water.

A list of water suppliers is on our Customer Preparation page.