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When We Arrive

Pool Wizards works 7 days a week to try to accommodate anyone’s schedule. The weather is the number one factor in determining when we begin our pool and liner installations. You would like it to be roughly 60 degrees or warmer to do these, making sure the liner stretches in properly.

If it rains, we are pushed back on our schedule, minimally, one day. Usually if it rains, we can’t work the day it rains, nor can we excavate that day or excavate the following day due to the wetness of the ground. Depending on how much it rains, we may not be able to excavate for a few days, which would push our schedules out even further. All we ask is be patient. We are working as many hours as mother nature will allow, and in the end you will be more than satisfied with your experience.

For actual arrival times, we do start at 7am and work through the day until the job is done. Depending on the job at hand, that may mean we are arriving at you place early in the morning, or we may be there in the afternoon after we’ve complete another job. All this will be scheduled out with the homeowner in advance, allowing ample tine to make arrangements if needed.